The village of Douma is located at an altitude of 1000m, 80km from Beirut and 30 km from Jbeil and 43 km from Tripoli. Douma is a part of Batroun District and is known for its special location in a valley surrounded by mountains. Almost all its houses are made of red brick. It enjoys a unique temperate climate praised by physicians as the ultimate place of medical refuge. Its ground is rich and welcomes all sorts of plants especially and has an abundance of olive trees, vine and apple trees.


Our community abroad played and is still playing a critical role in the prosperity and progress of Douma. That is the reason why we would like you and your relatives to stay in contact and be proud of your hometown which is no doubt one of the special and most beautiful villages in Lebanon.





















Origin of the name

The name Douma is of Greek origin meaning house palace or castle. Douma also comes from the Latin word "Doman" used to designate a Queen (Julia Domna) famous for her beauty and intelligence. Born in Aleppo in 170 BC, the daughter of a priest of the Sun God worshipped by Aleppo's population, she married the Roman Caesar Septimius Severus who built a palace for her in a village that later took on her name. Douma is also known as "Douma El Hadid" (Douma of Iron) due to the abundance of iron found in its soil and the superior craftsmanship of its blacksmiths.

About Douma


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