During the first projection of the movie shown at the cinema Fuad in Douma, the audience ran away from the theater thinking that the horse in the movie was about to run over them. You can still visit the old cinema in the souk…


Geryess Hanna El Haddad was the first policeman to be engaged by the municipality to collect taxes and declare decisions issued by the council. He used to shout it out every morning and evening at the souk.


The souk (market) in Douma is an ancient place going back to the 18th century. Two huge gates were built at the entrance of the souk to safeguard it and protect merchandise which was subject to taxation. The tax was called "Rassem el Kabban".


Who is the first woman appearing on the scenes for the first time in Douma ?  Sarah Elias playing the role of Jeanne D'arc (Joan of Arch)


The Theatre activity in Douma started in 1895 at the Moscovit school finances by Doumanian emigrants in the USA.


The Municipality built for the first time and without the state support, the Arab street leading to Koura. 


Cars: Some important dates to be mentioned hereafter : First called Hobmil in Douma : in 1918 owned by Assaad Chammas. The anecdote says that it was the only car in region, and while a ride on darbella street, the driver was so surprised by seeing another car coming from the other side that they had an accident… 


Guns Guns: It was in 1881 when Hanna Elias Shalhoub, a famous renowned manufacturer of arms, developed a shotgun with 2 barrels admired by the Moutassaref Rustom Basha. Selim Hanna Elias Shalhoub inherited his father's position and became famous : he made a shotgun composed of 7 pieces and 70 hidden screws… Till now not even experts in this field has succeeded in unscrewing and dismanteling the shotgun. Only the inventor holds the secret of this unique place which is pressed in order to open the entire mechanism. Such an achievement enabled him to obtain the first price in the Lebanese Exposition held in 1906. Former President Camil Chamoun tried to buy the shotgun at a very high price, but in vain… Who hold it nowadays ??? we are investigating that matter. If you are interested, you can take a look at a couple of his shotguns exhibited in BeitEddin Museum.


Civil Administration: Starting from the 19th century, we can find in Douma a tribunal (or a court), a police station, a prison, management of the administration, a post office as well as a stable constructed especially for the state's horses. 

Awal marra fi Douma



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