Douma Club (Activities)

Douma club has been very active socially.


We have been very active in maintaining our valuable heritage and heirloom craftsmanship to meet our main objective of recapturing Douma's role as a cultural, economic and public service center of the region. Our summer cultural and athletic programs were filled with activities attracting people from all over Lebanon and abroad and Beirut.

At the club fiftieth anniversary, the committee organized a celebration in which all old founders and members were recognized and given special awards.


The festivals 1997 & 1999 were both held under the patronage of the presidents of Lebanon Mr. Elias El Haraui and General Emile Lahoud respectively, This gave us the incentive to work in a highly respected standard on all events and performances. On the other hand, the Ministry of Culture and High Education gave us the permission to work under the theme of Beirut the Cultural Capital of the Arab world for 1999. That was granted as a result of the high standard program that we were organizing. Everybody worked very hard & the result was very rewarding. A lot of officials and dignitaries visited Douma. We had thousands of visitors to the old souk and to various events that were held at the club or elsewhere. All the exhibitors, shops, restaurants, hotel and other services benefited financially. So the Mahrajan served its purpose by promoting Douma's crafts, talents services. The Mahrajan was considered by ministries, media (T.V's newspapers and radio station) to be one of the best cultural, economical and touristic summer events in Lebanon.



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