We participate in various exhibitions and activities held in our area and invite the neighboring towns to share with us all the success of our events. Douma had been a twin town of the French town Digne Les Bains . A lot of exchange visits and help were established through twelve years. As a result of this cooperation, the French Cultural Attached opened a children's park on the club ground donated by the people of Digne les Bain.


The children also enjoy each X-MAS a big celebration organized by the club and the staff of all schools in Douma. The students perform X-MAS shows on the club stage and at the end, the club's Santa carries all kinds of gifts and prizes.


In addition to all of this, the club holds an annual winter fundraising Dinner in the outskirts of Beirut which will be attended by all Domains and friends living in Douma and Beirut.


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