In the town square sits a 4th-century A.D. sarcophagus, a stone coffin, bearing a Greek inscription recording that this was the burial place of Castor, who died in 317 A.D.


Things to do


      The Souk:








Douma is famous for its old souk that has well preserved its traditional cachet. The small souk in the middle of the town offers various shops selling local and artisanal crafts and inexpensive goods.


      Local products:
















Douma is famous for its local Halawa, and Rahet el Halkoum and Zahlawi ice cream.


      Heritage Museum:













Mathaf Douma al Asari is located near the historical Souk and showcases the history of Douma through time. Pictures of immigrants from Douma, local handicrafts, traditional artisan works, and stage clothes and accessories once used in Douma famous theater.


      Traditional Houses:













The majority of the infrastructure and housing in Douma was built between 1881 and 1914. In Douma, you find around 300 Typical Lebanese Houses.

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