Born in Douma, Lebanon on March 15, 1898, to Joseph and Zaina Bashir.

The Douma-born Bashir had achieved renown as a writer and translator of Arabic literature before coming to America in 1922 as his patriarch's representative to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

Following ordination that year to the priesthood, he served a variety of parishes and as a roving missionary across the Midwest while continuing to acquaint the Arab world with Western thought and vice versa through translations.



Balamand Moastery, 1911-1916, American University of Beirut, Ba`abda Law School, Beirut (Lebanon)

He Translated most of  Kahlil Gibran’s  literature  into Arabic.

The Prophet, Sand and Foam, The Made Man, The Forerunner Jesus, the Son of Man, The Earth of Gods,The Words . As well as. Why I am a Christian by Frank Crane, Life of Christ by Giovanni Papinni, The Simple Life by Charles Wagner, The Man Nobody Knows by Bruce Barton, Today and the Future Day by A. BrisbanemThe Greek Orthodox Church al-Marah al-Jadidah [The New Woman] (edited: political journal) al-Khalidat [The Immortals] (edited: literary periodical), Majallat al-Kalimat [The Word Review] (contributor)


The Word (re-established, in English) Died: Boston, MA, February 19, 1966

Sam Maloof 

"I hope that my happiness with what I do is reflected in my furniture .. that it is vibrant, alive and friendly to the people who use it. "Sam Maloof "


What if Picasso had been a chair maker and Stravinsky a designer of tables? What would have been the impact of such intense creative talent on twentieth-century furniture? Today there is a man with this quality of profound artistic vision and talent who has devoted his life to making furniture.

San Maloof was born in Chino, California of Lebanese Parents. He embarked on his career in furniture in 1948 and in 1959 and 1963 was sent to Iran, Lebanon and El Salvador as a woodworking design consultant. He has exhibited actively and widely throughout the United States and also in the Vatican. His pieces are in numerous American museum collections and in the Vice-President's house and the White House. He has received many awards, given workshops and has been a consultant and exhibition juror. He has been featured in articles and books and is the subject of the films Sam Maloof Woodworker, by Maynard Orme, and Sam Maloof - The Rocking Chair, by Bob Smith. He is now a National Trustee and Chairman of the Academy of Fellows of the American Craft Council and a member of the Board of Directors of the World Craft Congress." Sam Maloof Woodworker, Kodansha International

He has been referred to as the Hemingway of woodcarving.


As Maloof has said, The designer, I have always felt, should also be the maker. So much of what I believe goes into each piece that I make. I do not think I could ever let a piece of work go out of my shop that I did not make. Each piece that I start is a renewal of my life.

The son of Lebanese immigrants, Maloof fell in love with wood as a child, designing and making detailed cars and trucks. His family still possesses the plywood and dowel spatula he made at the age of ten for turning loaves of bread.

Maloof credits his wife, Freda, with spurring him into woodworking, urging him to quit his job and to just do it!

Maloof sells his work from his workshop. His home is his showroom. He says I like the contact between the client and the maker. Though 90% of his work is sold through his shop, he also works with architects and decorators. For Maloof this provides the link between his art, the product and the end user. James Renwick Alliance 


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